Welcome to Michigan Wolves-Hawks Soccer Club


We are pleased that you have decided to attend tryouts for our club. Over the years we have enjoyed many successes with our involvement in youth soccer. We have learned one key ingredient of success is clear, consistent communication between the Club and its Teams, Coaches, Players and Parents.

This player/parent handbook has been put together in an attempt to answer some of the recurring questions about tryouts and team registration. If you have further questions look first and foremost to the Head Coach and / or manager of the team.


  • Attend Open Training  to give the player an opportunity to be seen by the coaches and meet some of the players which will help reduce the stress on tryout day.   open training times
  • Look at the Tryout dates and times at Tryout times and plan ahead to minimize the stress of the day.
  • Many parents do not like the stress on the day and here are a few things that you can do in advance to help on the day:
  1. Register online for tryouts at . Every player must be registered online by Thursday at 5PM to be listed on the sign-in sheet.  Every parent needs to electronically sign the waiver before the player can participate so if you miss the deadline please register before coming to tryouts.  Only register the child once even if they plan to attend both Friday and Saturday tryouts.  Once the participant is imported or added please do not click on the Add existing Participant button again or you have a double registration.
  2. Put together a folder with a copy of the player’s birth certificate, a copy of the front and back of your Health Insurance Card, and a 1.5’x1.5” head shot photo since all clubs and all teams will ask for these items.
  3. On the tryout webpage the team name links to a team plan for each team. The team plan will inform you of the league your child will play in if they are placed on that team and the annual price for that team.  Check out all of the plans in your age range.
  4. Many of the leagues require the same paperwork so if you do not want to spend time during tryouts to fill out the paperwork you can check out the Managers Manual to see the paperwork required by each league. You can fill out all of the information in advance but the forms MUST be signed on June 16th.



Make sure you bring your folder of information, a pen, sunscreen, water, a ball and shin guards when you leave your house.  Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes in advance.

The parking lot next to the turf field will be blocked off for the safety of the participants and only Wolves-Hawks staff with passes will be allowed to park in the lot. Please do not stop and let off passengers at the barricade. Park in the parking lot and have the players cross at the crosswalks please.

Thirty minutes before the start of the tryout you need to go to the Check in tent and line up at the table for your age group.  Give your name to the manager and they will hand you a colored bib with a number.  Please do not hand information to the managers as it will slow down the line. You can go to the uniform tent to try on uniforms, purchase Spirit wear or find a spot at the side of the field to warmup.

If you are a returning player from last season you will have to purchase a practice tee but all other items are optional.  Decide in advance what items you may need to replace and go by the sizing tables at tryouts to try the items on.  There are no refunds and you will only have one opportunity to order items during registration. The sizing forms have the item prices

U7 - U8 Uniform Sizing Form
U9-U18 Hawks Uniform Sizing Form
U9-U18 Wolves Uniform Sizing Form
U12-U19 Goalkeeper Order Form

If you do not have the Wolves-Hawks uniform from last year you will be required to purchase the full kit. U7-U8 is $100, U9-U12 is $320 and U13-U19 is $380.  There are no refunds, exchanges so you must make sure you try on every item.  The girl’s uniforms are Women’s cut and the sizing is different than expected.  If you order the wrong size you cannot change it later so please write down the sizing as you try on the items.  The sizing tables will only be available on Friday – Sunday so please plan to either try on the uniform before tryouts or give yourself time after tryouts.


Once the player is informed of what team they will participate with next season the parents can find the manager of that team and start filling out paperwork if you have not filled any out before your arrival.  There is a Manager’s tent set up with tables and chairs for parents to fill out the paperwork and meet as a team.  If there is no manager the coach will be asking for a volunteer.  Please do not fill all of the chairs with players since all of the parents must fill in all of the paperwork and hand to the manager before they leave for the day.

Managers will inform you what jersey numbers are in use and assign you an available number.  In case of conflict the player with the most years in the Wolves-Hawks Club has priority. The other returning player can have a number added to their current jersey i.e. #2 can be 22 or 32.

Parents need to KEEP the Welcome letter and uniform sizing form when they leave!!  You will need these for the Team Snap Registration that is due by Sunday June 17th at midnight!


The Welcome letter that the manager handed you will have the unique URL for that team’s registration.  You input the URL on a mobile phone or computer remembering that if you have an existing Team Snap account the login email will be used for all financial correspondence.  Therefore if your player signs on with their phone all financial notices will ONLY go that email address.

When you login to your account you choose “+New Signup” and choose the players name for this team from your list.  Check all of the participant information for changes and you can input a JPG photo if you wish (optional). You will have to fill out participant questions and take special notice of:

Uniform Information – Are you a returning player with last year’s uniform or a New Player? You must choose new non-Goalie or new Goalie if you do not have last year’s uniform kit.

What Jersey Number did your Manager/Coach assign you at tryouts?  (Do not put in what number you want or are hoping to get!  It must be the correct # assigned to you)

Do you need an Adidas Soccer Bag with embroidery? Is the only time to order the $60 bag

DO NOT click on Add Existing Participant or Add New Participant at this point or you will be charged double team fees.

Fill in Parent Contact information with the emails and cell phone numbers you wish to receive Team Snap communications from your manager and Coach. Hit Save and Continue and you will advance if all mandatory fields are complete.

Documents & Waivers:

There are 5 Waivers that require you to type in an expected name.  You will be required to type in the expected name to continue even if it is not your name. There is one check box.  If you wish to read the waivers on Financial Commitment, Injury Policy, etc. click here.


You must click on the team Fees and Practice Tee’s costs.

If you are a NEW player you will be required to go through the page clicking on the correct size of each item that you must order. The Returning player section just has a message “Participant is not eligible for any options. Go back to the Info Step to ensure all information is correct.” DO NOT press Back to Info button unless you have the full kit from last year!

If you are a returning player you can skip by all of the items and just chose the size of the items you want to pay for. If you make a mistake just hit the remove selection button. Pay no attention to the required star by the New Player selection as you do not have to make any selections if you do not need any uniform items.



Please check all of your participant fees and uniform sizes !!  You cannot change your order or add additional items once you have checked out. We recommend that you take a screen shot for your records.


Before you input your Credit Card information decide if you plan to pay in full or by installments!  If you plan to pay by installments you can input your Visa or MasterCard information and see the installment Plan Details. If you would like to pay in full just hit the slider to turn off paying by installments.

Hit Confirm Payment and the main email on file will receive an email that the payment was processed by WePay.  Otherwise you will receive an email that your card was declined and you need to call your card company to tell them it is not a fraudulent charge. Any time your credit card company declines your payment the TeamSnap system will send an email for 3 days to the email address that was used to register.

If you made a mistake and pay in full and meant to pay in installments please email Heather Prince at

If you have troubles navigating the Team Snap program please use their Live Chat feature at the bottom right of the screen.

Once you have registered and you want to see the due date, pay in advance or change your credit card information in your account you need to:

  • Log into the Team Snap account you used to register. If you login with a different email you will not find any payment information even though you receive communication from that account.
  • Click on the tab at the top that says "My Teams" (upper right corner).
  • Do not click on any of the teams that are listed in the scroll down list. You just have to click the actual button that says "My Teams" which takes you to the dashboard where all of your teams are listed, including registrations and payment plans.
  • Click on green button "Manage Payments" to make adjustments.
  • If you need to enter a new Credit card then click on “Update your credit card” input new details and hit “update card”.
  • Click on Select Payments tab and select the circle next to the payment and hit process now button at bottom of page if you need to process a payment immediately.

If you have any issues with TeamSnap please contact TeamSnap Customer Support at