ECNL Parents and Players

The club has chosen to offer a 10 month schedule for all of the ECNL teams, U14-U18, next year, August - June. During these 10 months, we will create a periodization that will include ECNL games and showcases, a competitive training schedule, a new strength and conditioning component and mandatory rest times.

We understand that this format will not be for everyone.  Therefore,  although we would like everyone to commit to this format, we will allow players from these teams to play high school in the spring.  

We felt that there were 3 major reasons to move to this new format.

First and most importantly, by spreading the season out, we will have more time to work with our players on their overall strength, agility and conditioning.  Each year, we are seeing more and more serious injuries.  We feel that by adding a fitness component to our schedule, we will be able to proactively address and minimize these type of injuries. Included in our 10-month planning will be mandatory rest times. 

Secondly, with the added time in the spring, we will be able to address all of our players individual needs. We will better prepare our older players for their next step as they get close to graduating. Trying to play collegiate soccer after a 3 month stint in high school is becoming more and more difficult. Their freshman year is the key for a successful college experience. For our younger age groups, we will have more time to focus on each player's individual development.

Lastly, this format will give college coaches even more access to our players.  The college selection process is demanding and by opening up more opportunities, we feel that the players will be more informed and confident when they do make their decision on which school to attend, helping ensure that it is the right one.  In addition to the ECNL schedule, we will be taking the non committed players to one non-ECNL showcase in the spring.

Contact Doug Landefeld , Hawks Director of Coaching, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.