"The best teams are talent rich. That is a given. We invite the most talented players to challenge themselves to play for the some of the best teams in the country."

2018 NWSL Draft

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The Michigan Hawks were more than helpful in reaching the highest level of soccer. They provided a top environment to train in daily, and I never went a day without having a team or coach to train with. The staff networked endlessly to land me at the Duke University which was another stepping stone to get to where I am today. Overall, the Michigan Hawks put me on a path towards success and are still to this day willing to help me train and move forward in my career. - Ashton Miller

The Michigan Hawks is a great organization with wonderful coaches who want nothing more than to see their players succeed. The Hawks not only gave me the opportunity to play at the highest levels, but also taught me the skills and discipline needed to continue the process into college and eventually the draft. I will cherish the time and memories I had at the Michigan Hawks. - Ally Haran '95 Hawks

The Michigan Hawks were a great stepping stone into the collegiate game. Not only did they help me prepare for the next level physically and technically, but they also offered a more nurturing side.  When you get the best girls in the state all in one place they created a competitive but loving atmosphere.  The Hawks have given me life long friends and a whirlwind of lessons that I will take with me yet again as I move on to the next step in my soccer career.  - Megan Buckingham '95 Hawks

2018NWSL drafted